Monday, March 2, 2009

Fig, Star Anise and Rosewater Jam

I've have just made Jackie Middleton's (Prahran Market's Harvest - best of the season) Fig, star anise and rosewater jam . It is divine and so quick and easy. I will be making other goodies soon to go with it which I will post.

(Jackie Middleton has asked us all to please suppport Handmade Help. They are looking for contributions to a cook book that they are putting together in aid of the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal)

Fig, star anise and rosewater jam

500g figs, rough chopped no larger than a 10c piece
500g CSR jam setter sugar (already has apple pectin and citric acid in it)
1 star anise pod
2 bay leaves
4 drops rosewater.

Cook the figs with the star anise and bay leaves gently, until the figs just start to soften and break down, stir constantly.
Add the jam sugar and cook stirring for 4 minutes.
Remove from the heat and test the setting stage.
If it is set, remove bay leaves, add the rosewater, mix well and store in sterilised jars.

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  1. Hi Corry, I made fig & ginger jam and put it on my blog (illhavewhatimhaving)!
    Cheers Debby.