Saturday, March 14, 2009

World's Longest Lunch 2009 - Crown Riverside, Melbourne

It's Miss Patricia's birthday (not saying which one - but it was the Big One) and we have taken her to the World's Longest Lunch 2009 at Crown Riverside - A celebration of Italian inspired cuisine - Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Presented by The Age.

On arrival we are handed a bottle S. Pelligrino and of a glass of Opheilia Sparkling. On each seat was a recyclable shopping bag from 'The Age' filled with goodies and brochures. To nibble on, there were large jars of olives, pickled peppers, and bowls of artichokes, stuffed peppers and marinated boccocini cheese with little tomatoes.

Can you spot Miss Patricia!!

Entree - an antipasto plate with proscuitto, salami, baked roma tomatoes, char-grilled vegetables, asparagus, marsala melons and shaved parmesan.

Main course - Grilled beef tenderloin with Tuscan herb crust on field mushroom and almond broccolini with cannellini bean salad.

Dessert - Zuppa Inglese with Alkermes Liqueur, candied fruit, glazed cherries and amaretto biscuit.

Beverages -
Ophelia Sparkling
Juliet Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc
Juliet Pinot Noir
Juliet Moscato
James Boag's Premium
S.Pellegrino, Acqua Panna and Sparkling Fruit Beverages
Coffex Coffee

A Sydney foodie and fellow blogger down for the day.

Musical Chefs - They don't only cook for us.

And the wine kept coming!

Italian Music while we dine.

'J' spots Jill Dupleix

What a great day for all!


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  2. Hi Corrie, looks like good fun was had by all, great photos.

  3. Hi Corry, can you please tell me how to intersperse my pictures within the text?
    My pictures all end up above the text.
    Thanks Debby.

  4. Hi Corry, looks like great fun! Love the photos.

  5. Hi Corry, could you give me some advise about posting pictures on the blog?